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Commercial Doors & Door Hardware

Del-Mar Door Service is a service provider and distributor of automatic ADA compliant entrance systems including revolving doors, security portals, turnstiles, swing operators and sliding entrance systems. As a distributor we have the most complete product line as well as the flexibility to design and build custom openings. And only Del-Mar Door Service has the ability to supply the right product for any application in its area.

Sliding Door Systems

Our automatic sliding door systems are used in a wide range of commercial applications, and are unparalleled in the industry. They come with a wide range of options, including 7 to 16 foot unit widths; 2,3 and 4 panel designs; Single, bi-parting, or telescoping doors; anodized aluminum, stainless clad or painted finishes; narrow, medium, and wide stile configurations; and the choice of all-glass Elegant design.

ICU/CCU Systems

Hospitals and other medical facilites have specialized access needs, accompanied by tough building codes. We sell top-of-the-line products to address these needs, including the self-closing, smoke-rated ICU/CCU door systems & airborne infection isolation room door that requires no power, which include customizations such as mini-blinds and opaque glass. Our doors have larger openings so moving beds and equipment is easier.

Hurricane Rated Systems

We also offer commercial doors meeting the requirements for your areas hurricane force protection requirements. Just supply us with the specifications, including the building structure, building type, entrance location, roof configuration and wind speed, and we'll help you calculate pressure requirements for your hurricane-safe doors.

Swinging/Folding Systems

We have a full range of swinging and folding access door solutions for you to choose from, with the options of: single, pair or double egress door operation; in-swing, out-swing, left or right handed operation; and headers with bottom or side access. They feature adjustable closing and opening speeds, adjustable time delay closing, obstruction sensing, and more.

Revolving Systems

Revolving door systems add architectural appeal, increase energy efficiency, and control large amounts of pedestrian traffic. We can customize it however you like, with a vast selection of finishes, door wing configurations, sensors, security features, and much more.

Transportation Solutions

We also offer customized door solutions for light and heavy rail applications, offering platform screen doors for a safer subway experience. They're an alternative to having the platform open, so no one can fall down below and risk injury or death.

Hollow Metal Doors

Del-Mar Door sells and installs only the highest quality materials. We are also able to sell and install a wide variety of sizes, gauges, and styles to meet the full range of safety, security, and aesthetic requirement for our customers.

Del-Mar Door can provide any type or style door and frame for interior and exterior application, and we are one of the few distributors who can customizes doors and frames for any unique application.

Solid Core Wood Doors

Del-Mar Door is able to sell and install all of the following wood doors: Architectural Wood Doors, Stile & Rail Doors, Artisan Doors, Inlaid Doors, Mineral Core Wood Doors, Specialty Doors, Fire Rated Wood Doors, Wood Jamb Sets, and any other type of wood commercial door.

Aluminum Doors/ Storefronts

Del-Mar Door is extremely skilled at servicing any types of aluminum door and storefront systems. We work with all the nation’s leading manufactures to complete work which has historically been limited to a glass and glazing company only. Del-Mar Door takes a holistic view to servicing and installing aluminum doors and storefronts, regardless of what type of doors, glass, or application we can handle it.

Finish Hardware

We work closely with all the major manufactures to ensure our customer’s needs and expectations are being met.

ADA Automatic Doors

Our service technicians are able to repair/replace any parts or components to any model or manufacturer of automatic doors. All of our automatic door technicians are AAADM (American Association of Automatic Door Manufactures) certified. We also carry a wide array of replacement parts on our trucks

Del-Mar Door Service understands that in many cases the automatic doors are typically one of the items that contribute to a guest or customers ‘first impression’ of our customer’s store or building. For that exact reason our technicians are training to be courteous and keep their work spaces clean and safe.

We also offer many additional services with respect to Automatic Doors including a scheduled Preventive Maintenance program with many different options, as well as an annual AAADM certification.

Traffic Doors

Del-Mar Door is an authorized distributor for all the major traffic doors. We commonly repair traffic doors leading from our customer’s sales floor into their stock room areas, as well as traffic doors leading into any cooler or freezers they may have. Del-Mar Door also offers many United States Postal Service grade traffic door solutions for receiving dock applications.

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